Svetlana Chekhonadskaya. Amnesia

Author: Svetlana Chekhonadskaya
Title: Amnesia

Year: 2007

When Marina emerges from a five year coma, she has no way of knowing who she is. She is told that at the age of seventeen she suffered an assault and her face was disfigured with sulphuric acid. Marina returns to discover that those who did it were never found, that her farther committed suicide three years after the assault, that her mother was killed in her house at the Spanish coast, and that her stepmother disappeared just a few days before Marina’s awakening. And this is just the beginning of the story where Marina (if it is who she is at all) gets inevitably involved in a search for identity. With no face, no memories, not even relatives to recognize her, Marina, armed only with scrappy facts and sudden inexplicable flashbacks, attempts to understand what happened and to whom. In her riveting detective novel Svetlana Chekhonadskaya explores the gripping mystery of precarious human self with the thoroughness of the detective gurus. The author leads her heroine to the truth painfully slowly for Marina to eventually realize that the most dangerous enemy ever is her own memory. Svetlana Chekhonadskaya was born in 1968 in Omsk. She graduated from Moscow University as an international journalist and in the beginning of Perestroika was even proposed to head a political party, but rejected it with laughter. So far she has published 6 detective novels that gained considerable popularity among Russian readers. Now Svetlana works as the host of a legal TV_show. She thinks that an uninteresting detective story is nonsense.