Sonya Adler. I Love You, Neither Do I

Author: Sonya Adler
Title: I Love You, Neither Do I

Year: 2006

A page- turning novel that takes up a daring path through the world of obsessive love, lust and sex. Sonya Adler tells of lesbian relations with the bare truth of “Queer” by William S. Burroughs.
A designer Irina, 32, rushes headlong into the vortex of subversive passions and love affairs with different women. In her unrelenting chase of the ideal prey Irina herself becomes a victim – of alienation, of solitude and of rape.
The novel offers a well-crafted fascinating narrative and a candid exploration of the secluded lesbian subculture. Sonya Adler masterfully combines a highly emotional fastforward erotic story brimming with explicit sexuality and unflinching attitude towards sex with keen psychological observations of the intricate nature of human relations. This is a brilliant book about an intense, one-way homosexual relationship, and the tale of unrequited love on any level.
Sonya Adler lives in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. She is an architect. “I Love You, Neither Do I” is her debut novel.