Sergey Nosov. The rooks have gone

Author: Sergey Nosov
Title: The rooks have gone

Year: 2005

Unpredictable, insightful and amusing novel recreating the unique atmosphere of the recent past by an established master of style and an ingenious storyteller.
The end of the 90-ies catches the three old friends Tepin, Schukin and Chibirev in their mid-forties, at the moment when they have to rethink their past in the terms of contemporary art. Their new acquaintance, Catherine, a young German art curator, brings them in the realm of the artistic through the unexpected revelation: twenty years earlier they pissed from the Troitsky Bridge in the Neva and that was the first performance in the Soviet art. What they think of as either a shameful flaw of youth (Chibirev) or an unimportant incident that might have ended in the police station (Schukin) suddenly turns into a heroic artistic gesture almost unheard of in the Soviet times. From that moment on their new status of contemporary artists makes them reinvent their everyday routine as a work of actual art…
“The Rooks Have Gone” is a tragicomedy, both deliriously funny and infinitely touching, a story of friendship, love and art set in the contemporary St.Petersburg – not only the city of the imposing imperial past but also the city of the deserted waste grounds, railroad overpasses and abandoned cemeteries.

Nominated for the Russian Booker Prize 2005
Sergey Nosov was born in St.Petersburg in1957. A qualified engineer he graduated from the Literary Institute and worked as an editor with ‘Radio Rossii’ and ‘Koster’ magazine. Two of his three novels were shortlisted for the ‘National bestseller’ and ‘Booker’ prizes and established him as a master of style and an ingenious storyteller popular both with the broad reading public and the literary critics. “The Rooks Have Gone” has been nominated for the Booker 2005 Award and is considered as one of the strongest contenders. Sergey Nosov lives in St.Petersburg.

“Sergey Nosov is the subtlest and the most humane among the contemporary Russian writers”.

Time Out

“Unpredictable, insightful and amusing novel. The best what has arrived from St. Petersburg over the last five years. Nosov is a real actual artist.”