Petersburg: from Yesterday to Today

Title: Petersburg: from Yesterday to Today
Year: 2018

Ahead of us is an incredible tour of St. Petersburg. Archival photographs are placed next to modern ones here, so that everyone can see firsthand what changes have taken place with regards to the shape and face of the Northern capital and its inhabitants over the past century. Here is the German embassy, the roof of which is still adorned by two giant bronze Teutonic statues, leading bridled horses, and here is that same roof empty and bare. Here are images of the New Holland embankment, with tall sprawling poplars, and here they are without them. And here is the monument to Glinka at the Mariinsky Theater, which has now mysteriously moved out of sight… The brilliant St. Petersburg is captured here with love, and adoring attention to its living transformation, which has resulted in the city’s cold splendor warming up right before our eyes.