O. Negin. A cypress in the yard

Author: O. Negin
Title: A cypress in the yard
Year: 2004

Oleg Negin keeps readers stiff with astonishment in his second page-turning novel about the disintegration of the mind and the very existence, where he masterfully interweaves two harrowing stories.
An intellectual drug-experimenter with a family, having lost connection with reality, takes part in a slaughter and flees to the sea. The sea is also the destination for the other character, a homosexual, who finds himself enamoured with a masculine girl and gets involved in a strange love-affair. These seemingly separate stories develop in parallel, but become one when two characters meet to realize that their lives have been intricately interwoven. Their sudden passion drives them to suicidal coitus in the sea that leaves the reader contemplating the secret of the novel.
The virtuosity of Oleg Negin’s writing, his vivid, glib and often obscene language combined with refined syntax, exposes his rare gift of putting the meaning of the universal unity into the simplest of words, abrupt dialogues, fast-paced narrative and gripping plot.
Oleg Negin was born in Moscow in 1970. At the end of the third year in the Moscow Physical and Engineering University Oleg gave up his studies and left Moscow to go hitchhiking to the Crimea. It took Oleg almost ten years before he settled down in Moscow. He earned money as an electrician, street guitar player, copywriter, janitor, decoration fitter in theaters, script writer on radio and literary critic in a big Internet magazine. His first novel, “P.USHKIN” was published by Limbus Press.