Nik Lukhminsky. A memoir of twenty-year-old

Author: Nik Lukhminsky
Title: A memoir of twenty-year-old

Year: 2004

The astonishing book by the twenty-year-old successor to Casanova, Jean Jenet and Eduard Limonov.
A novel-initiation by a twenty-year-old youth turns out to be a novel-surviving. He is a tramp, a romantic, a by-sexual, a genius – all in one – he is so young that you can hardly believe he has lived so many lives. One is tempted to compare his prose with works by Jean Genet, yet what was a challenge for Genet, for Lukhminsky is a norm, as this is the only life he knows.

“Should solicitors happen to seek for a successor to Limonov of his “It’s Me, Eddie” period, I would give them the phone number of Lukhminsky”