Natalya Klucharyova. Russia on Wheels

Author: Natalya Klucharyova
Title: Russia on Wheels
Year: 2008

Nikita, an open-minded and kind guy is going to and fro along Russia in 3d class train carriages. All the people he meets, all the stories he listens to, all the personal tragedies and unexpected denouements he and a reader are to face make up a diverse but still very integral mosaics representing modern Russia. What is he chasing for? He is looking for his long lost love, for fair and kind Russia – Russia as it should be! And almost everyone he meets would be a proper dweller of such a world. But the realm around is different and causing tragedy to all these easy and kind people. Like the Russian counterpart of Amelie Nikita is trying to make others’ lives better. And sometimes he manages – as his friends are very keen to help him.
The social injustice personified in corrupted and selfish government becomes especially apparent to Nikita when pensioners start protesting against Putin’s reforms. His desire to help them, to improve the world, to settle peace on the Earth makes him hit a high-ranked police officer. Were the author less similar to her hero, it all would have ended just awfully. But the whole novel is about there is no way to despair because the happy end is inevitable.

This novel just helps us to understand the reality around.

Topos Magazine

Klyucharyova’s characters are immediate followers of those of Dostoevsky.

Na Nevskom Magazine

“Russia on Wheels” is a real must for everybody interested in modern literature.

Vremya Novostei

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