Natalia Klucharyova. SOS!

Author: Natalia Klucharyova
Title: SOS!
Year: 2009

Klucharyova confirms her status of being the voice of the new Russia’s “seeking generation”. This breed of young people lives on the threshold of two epochs implying two totally different value systems. Permanent choice and inner conflict are inevitable. Following the stunning debut of her novel Russia on Wheels, the novel SOS! is about those longing for truth, fairness and love in a chaotic world of excess, indifference, and egotism . It is not about na?vet? – the very term should be treated as obsolete now. It is about sincerity.
The main character Geo is a young and successful Moscow artist, making money out of rubbish, and being quite respected by critics and the public. Too much sex. Too many drugs. Never-ending rock-n-roll and nothing to care about. But suddenly he decides to visit his remote home town in the Russian country-side. What does he find there? Dilapidated houses, dirt and stink, and his first love Julia whom he abandoned after they decided to have an abortion. Now she is married to his school friend, works in an orphanage for mentally handicapped children, and dresses like an old lady. He cannot stand it and tries to pull her out of her life by pretending to still be in love with her. He is eager to help her to get out of this shit hole, but she is different now – after trying to get over his betrayal, not being able to forgive herself for the abortion, and having gone through drug addiction, she has found a sort of peace.
Geo goes back to Moscow, but his beliefs about that which is right and wrong have been shaken. A personal crisis begins.
This crisis leads him to diverse places and extremes, from the White Sea where he tries to commit suicide, to the church. It takes him from anarchic political circles to drug trips. It propels him from nowhere to nowhere.
Julia and her husband try to help him, proposing some unusual methods such as the taking of hallucinogenic mushrooms and getting rid of any passions through reading the Bible. Strange as it sounds, it seems to work. This book is about a lost generation and a man who looks for redemption where he may.
We will never know what happens to Geo in the end – one day he just fades from our horizon. This book is not about that which is right, but rather about the ability to recognize that which is wrong.