Natalia Kluchareva. To Africa, where else?

Author: Natalia Kluchareva
Title: To Africa, where else?

Year: 2011

This is a book about children. About their dreams, feelings and values. But it is not written for children. Not initially. The intended reader of this book is the grown up-ever so busy-always on the run person. This novel reminds us that long ago in the very different world of our childhood our goals, dreams and necessities were very different from saving money, paying the mortgage and worrying about traffic jams. Once upon a time, our needs were crucial to the whole being… but somehow, these needs are forgotten with age.
The book “To Africa, where else?” gives us a chance, for a moment, to leave all our day-to-day worries and along with the characters to step on the road to real Adventure!
“To Africa, where else?” tells the story of two boys who (one voluntarily, another unintentionally) embark on a journey to find Africa. Naturally, there are obstacles beginning with the fact that the boys live in Russia in a quite provincial village where nothing ever happens. And not only are they still schoolboys, but they can barely afford a bag of potato chips (Not to mention that neither of them is really sure where Africa is). But would these small obstacles stop them? No way.
They make their journey by bus, by train, and by car. They cross borders and meet all kinds of people. But why, you might ask? Why Africa? The answer is very simple. There, in Africa, one of the boys hopes to meet his father, an archeologist and traveler, whom he has never seen in his life. But who is sure to ride an elephant and feed wild ostriches under the enormous baobabs! And of course his father would be happy to see him…
And guess what?
To find out you’ll have to read the book.
This is not a fairy-tale.
This story is more true to life than most of the things that happen to us every day.
Kluchareva not only wishes to show us a life of simple people but she drives her heroes through the range of obstacles on their way to emotional evolution. If there is a writer responsible for psychological prose in modern Russian literature – it’s her.