Mikhail Yuriev. Third Empire

Author: Mikhail Yuriev
Title: Third Empire

Year: 2006

Third Empire is a detailed, multilevel Utopia that describes the image of the future world. Following the traditions of such celebrated Utopia authors as Thomas More, Tommaso Campanella, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, Yuriev creates the comprehensive account of Russian and World history and structure of Russian Federation by 2053. As a result of World Wars, we are to face according to the author, only five super-powers remained on a political map. Each of these represents some kind of civilization. Russia by that time stretches over the territory from Pyrenean peninsula to the Pacific Ocean. Solid Empire, Russia started its successful development during the time of Vladimir (the Second) Putin, who’s successor – through a thoroughly fair referendum – converted Russia into religious autocracy. It proved to be a right step as this was beginning of the New World.
The facts described in the Third Empire are not just unsubstantiated speculations. The author has too serious expertise to afford writing such a fantasy. Mikhail Yuriev – prosperous entrepreneur by now – was an advisor on industry with the Government of Russian Federation and then – deputy chairman of Russian State Duma. That is why he is much more aware of possible long-term prospects and trends of world policy and economy than an average citizen. Basing on personal experience, experts’ conclusions and the analysis of the main world policy players’ interests, Yuriev shows us tomorrow’s day of the world in all the details.
It is worth mentioning that the book is written extremely vividly and not “academically” so to say. Funny episodes and naturally described heroes make it be interesting for the very wide circle of readers. Third Empire is without doubt quality fiction rather than scientific concept.