Irina Tabunova. The beauty in absentia

Author: Irina Tabunova
Title: The Beauty in Absentia

Year: 2005

What is a contemporary young woman, independent and cheerful, sometimes crying but never giving up? She works in a phone sex service and falls in love with a client. She waits for her sweetheart to come back from a distant dangerous trip and cheats on him with anybody and everybody. She bears a baby and kills its probable farther. She drinks vodka, but never loses lucidity of mind, derisive keenness of observation, and overwhelming optimism. She keeps a diary, putting down the subtlest details and the profoundest confessions in a delicate and sometimes glamour manner.

“This prose sticks to one’s memory, on the one hand, with its shamelessness, and, on the other hand, with its profound tenderness”.


“Touching revelation”