Ilya Boyashov. Tankman

Author: Ilya Boyashov
Title: Tankman

Year: 2008

It is a story about a tankman who lost his memory during the notorious Prokhorovka tank battle and got 90% burn of his body. Improbable it is, but he survived and, looking like a monster, all the body being covered with one big scar, was sent back to the army. The only recollection he has from his untraceable past is that he was hit by a fantastic German tank – White Tiger, as he calls this. Following the text we learn that it was German special project – a giant machine produced in a single copy and capable of impossible things: there was no shell that could crack its armour, its cannon in turn could easily kill dozens of its Soviet fellows. And whatever numerous his enemy was White Tiger always managed to leave unharmed. Thus some mystical image of this became to spread among Soviet troops.
Our hero proved to be extremely skillful tank driver. Soon he becomes well known to commanders and was commissioned to drive Soviet special tank aimed at struggling with White Tiger – the horror of Soviet tank divisions. The tankman was absolutely obsessed with his mystical enemy. Nothing else interested him. He just could hear groans and moans of hundreds of machines killed by the monster and calling for revenge. He was chasing White Tiger and a couple of times managed to fight a duel with it. But each time, whatever fantastic tank our guy had, sometimes seriously hit, but still alive White Tiger managed to escape. So it went, and the tankman has crossed half of Europe feeling that the end of his mission is near and revenge will soon follow. But, alas! Being located in the middle of nowhere he gets the news: VICTORY! It was as tragic for the tankman as wonderful it was for everybody else. Shocked, he manages to get some crashed German tank back to life and goes madly on following some summons to get the still existing White Tiger at any price. But the time to fight has gone. And two Soviet cannons are already waiting behind the corner to stop the madman.

FILM RIGHTS sold to MosFilm (Russia)