Ilya Boyashov. Everyone Knows Brother Rabbit

Author: Ilya Boyashov
Title: Everyone Knows Brother Rabbit

Year: 2010

The mystical atmosphere of St Petersburg has always been a perfect breeding ground for unbelievable stories and events. At the same time –as Dostoyevsky showed – it has been a city where all the metaphysical problems become still acuter. St Petersburg of the early 1990’s represents a strange mixture of chic and devastation. For the acclaimed Russian intelligentsia, a romantic lack of wherewithal and the long awaited FREEDOM is a wonderful background for the blossoming of creative powers. Alas, it is hardly possible to make a living by just selling your poems to a literary magazine.
Denis, 30, is a poet. He has no job. He loves a woman who loves only those with money. He has wonderful friends – all, like himself, losers from a general point of view. And he has a younger brother, a student that he must look after. His brother is carefree, enjoys life, smokes pot, and regularly falls in love. Any attempts to influence him result in a back sermon on the older brother’s lifestyle.
Naturally, Denis is a little bit bewildered. Along comes the Rabbit – one of the recently emerged nouveau riches, who is active, positive and successful. Or so it seems. This leads Denis to discover a new perspective that makes everything worse and plagues him with eternal doubts that are supplanted finally, by hope.
Very mature, very unusual, this novel is a new turn in the extremely successful literary career of Ilya Boyashov. His fifth work with Limbus is not just a parable like his four previous books. Here is an epic, multi-facet story, obviously, based on the author’s own experience. But what Boyashov has brought here from his previous works is a strong position, a message about the serendipity and wonder of life, even among all the grime, that one can’t help sharing after reading the story.