Ilya Boyashov. Eden

Author: Ilya Boyashov
Title: Eden

Year: 2012

The novel “Eden” plunges the reader into the realm of a truly Kafkaesque vision, at times ghostly unreal, while at others, real to the point of excessive, inflamed hypertrophy the likes of which sometimes overtake us in nightmares. Ilya Boyashov’s new novel leads the reader to a paradoxical thought. In order for paradise to remain a paradise, its gardener must exist in a daily hell of grueling work. But does the Garden of Eden justify the gardener’s arduous efforts with its blooming flowers and birds’ songs? Will the heavy labor be rewarded? In this respect, the author has no illusions, and tells his extraordinary story in such a way that the reader has no reason not to believe him.
The comparison with Kafka is not accidental. Illya Boyashov authentically recreates a very particular world in which man and all of God’s creations are aware of their ultimate dependence on laws that are incomprehensible to them, while life is nothing but a surreal and deadly game that they must play out to the end. This game is impossible to leave, because it’s bizarre, unforgiving, and perhaps deeply meaningful rules are not meant for man’s understanding in this life. Especially since the rules are continually changing at the whim of unknown, but powerful forces.
Boyashov is an extremely talented writer. It is thanks to this greatness of talent, that his logical constructions are clothed in flesh and blood, and the nightmares are transformed into an act of artistic creation.