Igor Guberman, Alexander Okun. Israel is Real

Author: Igor Guberman, Alexander Okun
Title: Israel is Real

Year: 2009

Igor Guberman and Alexander Okun are both experienced insiders – they left for Israel more than 20 years ago and became lovers of Israeli culture. Now they are celebrities in both motherlands: Okun is a famous artist and art-critic, while Guberman is a proliferate writer and poet whose readings attract thousands of people. Another common characteristic of their writing is the humor that penetrates all of their work.

It would hardly be possible to find someone better suited to write this book: they have a fresh look into Israel, having come there as adults. They are meticulous explorers, are pros of humoristic approach to serious matters, and love Israel and its people, so they really have something to share. In this book, we get a page-turner full of information, wisdom and humor. Finding yourself in another Israeli city, you’ll be able to read about its history and legends, find out about the best places to eat, laugh for ten minutes because of a funny story that happened there and finally understand where else to go.