Garros-Evdokimov. Truck Factor

Author: Garros-Evdokimov
Title: Truck Factor

Year: 2006

A new literary thriller from “headcrushing Russians” Garros and Evdokimov who made their sensational breakthrough into international literary world with the National Bestseller prize winner.
Yuri Kasimov is hired by some mysterious European scientific institution to perform a strange task: he is to travel to certain countries (Turkey, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, etc) staying there for no longer than three days. He is to choose the route himself, as unpredictable as he can. The task has no clear purpose. The only thing Yuri is to do is to watch and to put down the random things that seem peculiar: people, events and details. The trip, which at first seems to be an unusual paid vacation, turns into something drastically different. While traveling, Yuri meets a Russian couple. In a few days the wife disappears and the husband is found dead in a bathroom in a cheap Italian hotel. Suddenly Yuri gets involved in a chain of big troubles: there is mafia, intelligence, and even a global conspiracy organized by an exmoviestar. All this seems to be an act of someone’s ill will. But the secrets prove to be false, the ominous concourses of circumstances random. It is the blind and meaningless chance that makes everything happen and, contrary to any conspiracy, however powerful and awful it was, it can’t be conquered. “Truck factor” is a term for suddenness correction, when a truck skids on a highway. With their language expertise, some special mode of vision, a unique ability to twist a plot and to see distortions, Garros and Evdokimov are so unpredictable, that when reading their novels you have always to take the “truck factor” into consideration.