About us

Limbus Press Publishing House was established in 1990 and therefore is one of the oldest privately owned publishing houses in post-Soviet Russia. From the very beginning, Limbus has been involved with high quality literature – both Russian and foreign. We have been honoured to introduce such celebrated Russian authors as Sergey Dovlatov, Mikhail Kononov, Irina Denezhkina, Garros-Evdokimov and Andrey Rubanov, among others, to a wide public.

At the same time, Limbus is actively publishing prominent foreign authors in Russian. By now we are proud to have presented Salman Rushdie, Philip Roth, Henry Miller, Iris Murdoch, Sebastien Japrisot, Alberto Moravia, Catherine Millet, Agota Kristof and many others to our Russian readers.

Since the mid-90s we have also been performing as a literary agency. Limbus is glad to represent the World rights for a number of Russian-language pens published in other Russian houses. Among them are Pavel Krusanov, Viktor Toporov, Alexander Prokhanov, Valentin Tublin, Dmitry Savitsky and others. Over the course of the last twenty years Limbus has positioned itself on the international rights market. We take pride in our accomplishments in that field and strive to deliver our very best to both our colleagues and readers all over the globe.

Limbus Press is proud to collaborate on a long-term and friendly basis with such distinguished and world acknowledged parties of the publishing business as The Wylie Agency (US/UK), Alfred A. Knopf (US), FSG (US), Arcade (US), Harvill (UK), Random House (UK), Chatto & Windows (UK), Hodder (UK), Bloomsberry (UK), Granta (UK), Penguin Books (UK), Aufbau (Germany), Suhrkamp (Germany), Bertelsmann Verlag (Germany), Fischer (Germany), DVA (Germany), Gallimard (France), Denoel (France), Editions du Seuil (France), Contact (Netherlands), Meulenhoff (Netherlands), Prometheus (Netherlands), Rosinante (Denmark), Adelphi (Italy), Mondadori (Italy), Bompiani (Italy), Sperling and Kupfer (Italy), Minimum Fax (Italy), Carmen Balcells (Spain), Ediciones B (Spain) and many others.

Here at Limbus Press we are particularly grateful to our subagents. In Great Britain our exclusive agent is Anna Benn, in Germany we work alongside and with great assistance of Christina Links and Galina Dursthoff, in France – with Anastasia Lester, in Spain – with the Transmit Agency , in Greece – with Iris Agency. From the bottom of our heart we thank them all.

So far, Limbus Press has sold translation rights on the following titles:

Mikhail Zoschenko: Selected Works
Penguin Books (UK) Angel Books (UK) Yilin (China) Persona Verlag (Germany) Quaderns Crema (Spain) Europa (Slovakia)

Mikhail Kononov: Naked Pioneer Girl
Serpent’s Tail (UK/US) Antje Kunstmann Verlag (Germany) Stock (France) Meridiano Zero (Italy) Arbeiderspers (Holland) W.A.B. (Poland) Bonguard (Czech Republic) Uniscorp(Bulgary) Laguna (Serbia)

Garros-Evdokimov: [Headcrusher]
Chatto & Windus (UK) Hanser (Germany) Mondadori (Italy) Grijalbo (Spain) Sony (Japan) Laguna (Serbia)

Irina Denezhkina: Give Me! (Song for Lovers)
Chatto & Windus (UK) Simon & Schuster (USA) S. Fischer (Germany) Giulio Einaudi Editore (Italy) Editions de l’Olivier (France) Vassallucci (Holland) Forum (Sweden) WSOY (Finland) Swiat Ksiazki Publishing House (Poland) Presvika (Lithuania) Gabo (Hungary) Ikar (Slovakia) Isupov dtv (Germany) Uniscorp (Bulgary) Curtea Veche (Romania) Pegasus (Estonia)

Dmitri Bakin: Reasons for Living (Strana Proiskhozhdenia)
Granta (UK) VW/Luchterhand (Germany) – expired Gallimard (France) Minimum Fax (Italy) Vassallucci (Holland)

Anna Starobinets: The Awkward Age
Isbn (Italy) Prosynski (Poland) Colibri (Bulgria) FILM RIGHTS: Art Pictures (Russia)

Yuri Mamleyev: Wandering Time
Suhrkamp Verlag (Germany) Le Serpent a plumes (France)

Andrey Rubanov: Do Time – Get Time
Old Street Publishing (World English Rights) Colibri (Bulgaria) FILM RIGHTS – Phenomen Films (Russia)

Victor Astafiev: Merry Soldier
Meulenhoff (Holland)

Sergey Nosov: The Rooks Have Gone
Voland (Italy)

Alan Cherchessov: Wreath for the Grave of the Wind
DVA (Germany)
Requiem for the Living
S. Fischer (Germany)

Grigory Ryazhsky: Vanyukhin’s Kids
Vassallucci (Holland)

Ergali Ger: Electric Liza
Fanucci (Italy) MIOB Publishing (Croatia)

Vladislav Otroshenko: An Appendix to the Photoalbum
Fanucci (Italy)

Danzig Baldaev: Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia
Fanucci (Italy) – extracts Steidl Verlag (Germany) – world rights

Vladimir Berezin: The Witness
Chinese Youth (China)

Leningrad in the 70s. Optimism of Memory
Editions du Rocher (France) – selected photographs