Figgle-Miggle. You are so Fond of these Films

Author: Figgle-Miggle
Title: You are so Fond of these Films

Year: 2011

A new novel from the author of the brilliant 2010 debut, “You are so Fond of these Films” is a hearty mix of wicked social satire, an exciting detective story and substantive thoughts about the totalitarian nature of all ideologies.
Much like in Akutagawa’s «In a Grove», in Figgle-Miggle’s novel, several people, including a fatal beauty, a reflective film critic, the principal of a school, and others, tell the story of a mysterious chain of events that leads to several high-profile murders in the center of St. Petersburg.
However, the mystery novel plot, with all its technical excellence, does not take away from the content of “You’re so Fond of these Films’,” a Swiftesque biting satire on contemporary Russia. The contradictions tearing apart Russian society, composed of disparate elements, such as the businessman-thug Alex on the one hand, and the critic-intellectual Hersakov on the other, or, for example, the ideological conflict between the staunch patriot Alexandra and liberal Victor. It is not just a clash of political ideals, but that of world views, right down to the different languages ??spoken by the characters. And it is these contradictions in Figgle-Miggle’s novel that become the object of both in-depth study, and cheerful derision.
This funny, easy to read and fascinating novel, a satire/mystery, is one of the most brilliant, courageous and adequate statements about Russia’s modernity to have appeared in the past ten years.
“You are so Fond of these Films” was a short list finalist for Russia’s National Bestseller Award in 2011, as well as the winning translation in Rossica’s prestigious Young Translators Award competition in 2012.