Figgle-Miggle. This Country

Author: Figgle-Miggle
Title: This Country

Year: 2017

A new title from widely-acclaimed Figgle-Miggle blends an entertaining, farcical dystopia, a mystery novel and a zombie-horror together with cultural insights and reflections on human condition.
President of Russian Federation greenlights a large-scale project designed to raise the victims of Stalinist purges back from the dead. This plot – which is based on the works of a real-life figure, a religious philosopher Fyodorov – proves unexpectedly successful, resulting in a colony of those reanimated settling in a rural town of Filkin.
The book follows Sasha Engelhardt, a young assistant professor assigned to participate in a scientific conference entitled “The Death of Common Sense” which is to be held in Filkin. Upon arrival, Sasha finds himself increasingly puzzled as he becomes submerged in the town’s buzzing life, with its FSB agents, local officials and a multitude of newly-ressurected revolutionaries of all sorts.
Armed with wit, irony and grace, Figgle Miggle’s “This Country” strives to come to terms with the country’s grimy past and provides an insightful look into its political history all the while keeping the reader on the edge of their seat with a maze-like plot, absurdist dialogues and hair-raising revelations.