Figgle-Miggle. Happycalipse

Author: Figgle-Miggle
Title: Happycalipse

Year: 2010

This anonymous author from St.Petersburg, concealed under the strange pen-name Figgle-Miggle, is reminiscent of the mystical literature of Nikolay Gogol and Michail Bulgakov.
Whoever he is, Figgle-Miggle is a talented novelist of futurism and St.Petersburg. His book looks like the set design for the next Terminator movie.
The plot is simple. In a near post-apocalyptic future, a hero, who has some supernatural powers, embarks on an adventure with the aim to somehow change his live. The unusual twist is that the whole story takes place in St.Petersburg. But not the modern city where you can move from one district to the other within half an hour. The future city’s districts are disunited and independent. Each district a sovereign state. Deadly feuds and high fences divide the rich and the poor, the wimps and the anarchists, and the rest of the inhabitants of the neighboring quarters. And a journey from one end of the city to the other becomes a perilous task.
Happycalipse is one of those rare books where the plot can take a backseat to the language, character development, and ideas without becoming pure prose. It is a book with interesting heroes, exquisite philological finds and a careful collaboration of the plot lines. Up to the end of the book the reader is hounded by the theme of the coming Armageddon. Not once the main hero asks himself: how many days are left till the end of the world? And each time the answer is the same – the End of the World has already happened.