Eduard Limonov. Book of The Dead-2. Necrology

Author: Eduard Limonov
Title: Book of The Dead-2. Necrology

Year: 2010

“…something about Limonov still haunts the mind. He is, without question, a real asshole—he called for press censorship during the first war in Chechnya, he struck the British writer Paul Bailey in the head with a champagne bottle at an international writers conference, he declared that what Russia’s liberals needed was a dose of the gulag…Solzhenitsyn once called him “a little insect,” and how do you get over that? But there’s more than foolishness here. All his writing is shot through with a curious mixture of self-pity and self-regard—the self, the self, the self…”

Slate Magazine

Limonov’s first “Book of the Dead” was written in the year 2000. Ten years have passed since then.
This is the second book of essays-obituaries about Limonov’s literary acquaintances who have passed away. Since the first volume, Limonov the writer has been overshadowed by Limonov the political activist. This fact is reflected in the second book in which his heroes are not only among his relatives and friends, but also political activists and writers.

“I am not a moralist, and do not teach lessons in morality. I honor the fates of people as the results of the doings of their souls.”

Eduard Limonov