Dmitry Zhvanija. Stadium Wars – Notes of a Football Fan

Author: Dmitry Zhvanija
Title: Stadium Wars – Notes of a Football Fan
Year: 2011

This book is about “horses”, “butchers”, “vagabonds” (fans of hockey, “Spartak” and “Zenit”), to put it briefly, about the world of football and hockey fans. It is written by a journalist, anarchist, and in the past – the main fan and organizer of a major Russian fan firm.
“Stadium Wars” is the first Russian reply to Dougie Brimson’s books about British football fans.
This is a stark and honest look at the lives of fans. Dmitry Zhvanija does not idealize his characters. Mass fights, infinite scuffles with cops, drunken parties, cheap whores, half-starved trips to favorite team games, are all an integral part of the fan movement at the time of its origin. But “Stadium Wars” is a book not only about the battle for a place in the sun. There is a present struggle for life. Loss means death. Only he who has survived, and retained his humanity, wins.
The novel includes a voluminous foreword by the author that provides a unique perspective on the recent Manezhnaya Square Riots, and the issue of the racism/nationalism that exists within the fan movement in Russia.

“While the corrector was putting the final touches on my book, the “Fan Riots” occurred in Moscow, which brought to light, a fact which the Media as well as Football organizers would have preferred to ignore. The fact of the existence of Nazi ideology within the sphere of football and the fan movement itself”.

Dmitry Zhvanija