Andrey Temnikov. Upper World Menagerie

Author: Andrey Temnikov
Title: Upper World Menagerie

Year: 2006

Though very diverse all the short stories collected in this book make up a multifaceted miraculous reality that inherited much from such celebrated authors as Cortazar, Borges, Pavic, Bulgakov, Kundera as well as from the world heritage of fairy tales. Being a skillful imitator Andrey Temnikov manages to create his own unique way of narration through mixing the traditional patterns with modern realities, elements from various cultures with Russian background. Some of these stories are like fairy tails of never existed peoples, some – like nightmares of a delirious Latin American, others – like mistranslated medieval chronicle. The author can either provide a reader with a thrilling plot (like in “Tanuki”) or wrap him in a subtle net of vague hints, allusions and assosiations (like in “Other Sixty of Them”). Deliciously written this literary dish deserves prolonged savouring.