Andrey Rubanov. Do Time – Get Time

Author: Andrey Rubanov
Title: Do Time – Get Time

Year: 2006

An astounding literary discovery of 2006. During just a few months this autobiographical ‘prison novel’ made its way from a manuscript sent to a literary critic for a review to the shortlist of the major Russian literary prize National Bestseller. “They caught me on the 15th of August, early in the morning” – this is how the novel starts. “Me” is a 27yearold banker accused of money laun dering. From the very beginning we know that he is guilty, but Andrey is absolutely sure he will sneak. Before being sent to prison he agreed with his senior partner (and his childhood friend) Mikhail that he would take the blame upon himself while Mikhail would hire the lawyers to defend Andrey and keep the money. Theoretically, yes. In practice – Mikhail will disappear and Andrey will not come out of prison either in a day or in three months… In eight months he will be carried to a cell for 32 prisoners but where in reality there are 137 people – standing on their tiptoes, because there’s no room to even sit… Rubanov the prisoner learns to write in a different handwriting, to read upside down and to meditate in the middle of chaos. “Do Time – Get Time” is a novel about a modern Monte Cristo who learns not only to survive but to achieve selfperfection in the circumstances where most people would break. There is everything in the novel what readers have been looking for: a lively plot, natural and precise language together with a rare talent to grasp and record details (both outer and inner ones), and the character whose personal story we want to follow until the very last page.
Andrey Rubanov was born in 1969 to a family of school teachers. He has been writing since the age of 14. After studying for three years at a journalism department of Moscow State University he gave it up. During his life he worked as a driver, a journalist, a bodyguard. He was also a joint owner of a few firms. In 1996 he was accused of fraud and imprisoned. In 1999 he was justified and released. Andrey lives in Moscow with his wife and his son
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