Andrey Efremov. The Art to Steal Friends’ Wives

Author: Andrey Efremov
Title: The Art to Steal Friends’ Wives

Year: 2007

The tales by Andrey Efremov are filled with some elusive mystical charm of St Petersburg. All the characters, events and relations shown in them obey some logic that is beyond human comprehension. It is the logic of love mostly – and one can not help enjoying the attempts to perceive it. We will never know whether the bizarre woman who has stolen the heart of German major Joachim Tischbein was a real Russian witch, as some would claim, or just a mason-like plotter. Or who was so kind to settle down all the events which were to end with at least on dead body – despite three already prepared pistols. Or, finally, how it happened that a girl who was the reason of a duel between her husband and her lover (in the 21st century!) finally stayed with their common friend who has been trying to prevent the single combat. Efremov – is a new magician from the Russian literature. He is throwing dice on a table and it seems never knows the result himself. The more unexpected and bewildering it is for us.