Ksenia Buksha. Manon or Life

Author: Ksenia Buksha
Title: Manon or Life

Year: 2007

A giant finance corporation – the creation of a real genius Eric Hartcorner – works like clock-work. So does all the life of its managers and employees. But once everybody feels that the time is ripe for some changes. And they come. A new secretary – unbelievably beautiful Manon – manages to crack this mechanism in the very first day at her new job. She just offers to her new chief – coincidentally called Des Grieux – not to come back after a ride for a present for Hartcorner’s birthday – and escape. Wherever! Forever! Together! And he dares. Thus their adventures throughout all the Europe start. A few hours later David Blumberg – the chief of the European Commission on Financial Law Implementation – suddenly gets solid evidence against Hartocrner’s corporation he has been chasing all his life for. The detected gerrymander happened within several seconds during temporal breakdown caused by the storm that nobody could foresee. It is a real chance for the aging hunter and he dares to launch the case. Thus one of the world biggest structures is endangered with going bankrupt. At the same time, after years of suffering Ricci Albizzi decides to call to his long unrequited love – Des Grieux’s collegue Vicki. Just after he has decided this his boss tells him that Ricci was chosen to get S-Class Mercedes as a present for his wonderful promotion campaign he made for Mercedes. But to get this he has to take part in promotion game and go by the car along all the Europe with somebody he can call with him. That’s a chance. He calls Vicki and she, exhausted by work and personal problems, dares to go. Thus Ricci gets a hope to realize the dream of his life. These are only a few of many threads that start unwinding from the very beginning of this exciting short novel. They will entangle and get untied, cross and fork weaving a colourful canvas that would leave nobody untouched. Wondrous events described in the books obey to some divine principle comprehensible by only one person – unimaginably beautiful Manon. All the central Europe gets impacted by some failure in the matrix of routine. The result is global. The cause is Manon. Who is she: A specialist in financial architecture? A prostitute from Eastern Europe? A girl from some awfully rich and noble family? A ghost that can predict future? Actually all these questions become senseless when you see her… Ksenia Buksha is only 23. But she has already gained the fame of a high-profile Russian writer. Currently she occupies the position of deputy editor-in-chief of “Advertisement Ideas” – the main Russian magazine devoted to Successful Advertisement. So far she has published 6 novels, 1 book of her poems and a student book on managing a company’s image. She lives with her husband and son in St Petersubrg.