How We Did America

Author: Alexander Snegiryov
Title: How We Did America

Year: 2007

AN EXTREMELY FUNNY AND MOVING ACCOUNT OF HOW TWO RUSSIAN GUYS HAVE COME TO THE USA TO EARN SOME MONEY DURING THEIR SUMMER HOLIDAYS. Having nothing except for one set of clothes for each they are moving from one state to another and looking for a job. Jobs they are trying are diverse: servants with a VIP golf club, hard-workers at some bridge building, helpers at a hotel and restaurant belonging to absolutely mad Greek family being rednecks at the same time. But their experiences are much more numerous than positions they obtain: do you know how to hitchhike during night time when its rainy? Or how to escape an excited wife of your chief, as you know he would just kill you in case you do not? Or how to sell your sperm? Full of fresh view onto the US culture, full of situations that will make you laugh for hours, full of easy wisdom that is not typical for such a young writer, this novel is an extremely pleasant and entertaining reading. Alexander Snegiryov was awarded the Debut Prize in 2005 as the best young writer in Russia. His novel How We Bombed America was marked with a special prize of Moscow Pen Club in 2007.

Alexander Snegiryov is the genius of storytelling - indeed!
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Here is the new master of narration!
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